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Circumstance, A Crude Foe: Antigone

            When a person is in the wrong place at the wrong time due to circumstance should that person be punished for something they had no power against? Being a victim to circumstance is something that we all have probably experienced in life. Many times these circumstances or coincidences are not even that persons fault. One story with a very modern and applicable circumstantial event is present in the myth, "The Rape of Persephone." This myth illustrates how a young woman, Persephone is idly picking flowers, when out of the ground Hades, the underworld god, snatches her down to Hell as his true love. A sense of irony comes into play because Hades never loved Persephone, but was struck by Cupid's arrow and now he loves her. She goes to Hell and lives there for a few years and at the same time not eating due to Zeus" "Code of Hospitality." Finally she eats four pomegranate seeds and gets sentenced to one third of an eternity in Hell. In the myth, "The Rape of Persephone" Persephone becomes an obvious victim of circumstance when an unwise decision is exemplified by Zeus when he unwittingly examines the facts and doesn't take the points that Persephone did not go into the underworld on part of her free will, Cupid had no just means to interfere with Hades that day, and that is was not compulsory for Zeus to enact his "Code of Hospitality." .
             If Hades loved Persephone he had no right to go out and pick Persephone out of the ground, like an apple off a tree, without consulting Persephone's opinion or free will. If Hades really and truly loved Persephone he should have came up to Persephone with great kindness and respect, consequently gaining her respect. All the same Hades should not have stormed out of the ground as if he were a bat out of Hell. Nevertheless he should have asked Persephone of her opinion on the matter at hand. However, thoughtless and inconsiderate Hades" acts were, he was not the only problem.

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