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You are what you think

             When it comes to aging, you are what you think. How influential is a persons mindset in regards to how well or how poorly a person ages. Across cultures there are varying believes and values associated with aging and functionality. Inevitably people grow older, and eventually die. Life however does not end at age 65 like many believe, but can thrive if given the chance. In order to do so, society and individuals need to change the way it views aging and older adults. .
             Culturally speaking, America adheres to a dismal view of aging. This attitude is reflected very clearly in society through the media, employment, and health care of older adults. American society is bombarded daily with magazine and television ads depicting older adults in a negative, declining state of existence. There are products claiming to reduce wrinkles and retain youthfulness painting aging as undesirable. Ads target the negative aspects of aging and give nothing back to the other more important aspects of developing beyond middle adulthood, such as wisdom and experience. Employability for older adults also declines and a person's value is no longer is based on experience and ability but on age. Older adults in America face stereo types and misconceptions of aging. Here are a few; increasing age brings about greater psychological distress, older adults are more depressed than younger adults, as individuals reach old age, they become preoccupied with memories of their childhood and youth, older adults are less satisfied with their lives than younger adults, older adults are alienated from the members of their families and community, increasing age brings about a decline in sexual desire and interest; older adults are not physically capable of engaging in sexual intercourse; and intelligence declines with age (Denmark, internet). .
             Other cultures take a different approach to aging and the value of their older adults within society.

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