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Sewage -- Misplaced Resources

            On the can, flush and then spend millions to remove something that shouldn't have been introduced to our water in the first place.
             The canal from Northern California to the Los Angeles water system provides only 25% of the volume of water needed to flush their toilets for one day. At what cost? When L.A. finishes with this water they run it out into the Pacific Ocean to pollute the ocean.
             A few years ago, Lake Tahoe spent millions of dollars to construct a waste water treatment plant designed to take the sewage of the basin and transform it to pure water. Did it work?.
             The impellers of the pump were worn to a razor's edge in less than two months, due to the chemicals, requiring the impellers (some weighing 600 lbs) to be replaced. The tertiary treatment was removed, leaving only the primary and secondary treatment centers. The effluent was then pumped over the mountain to be held in a settling pond. The "dilution solution" again.
             The advent of chlorine was cited as the panacea for the waste water industry. We could remove the threat of disease from being introduced into our waterways. At what cost? It is a fact that organic matter that is subject to chlorine produces trihalomethanes. (thm) which is a known agent that causes cancer. Are we ahead of the game? We exchange cholera and typhoid for cancer.
             What then, can we do with the problem of our sewage? What can we do?.
             The answer has been around for centuries. The answer is the land. Sewage, applied to the land in sane ways provides the tilth and fertility to sustain our crops. The land loves the "waste" products, while our rivers are dying because of it. Water provides legs for the pathogens that cause disease -- pathogens just lay there and die when applied to the land. Think of it. Would you drink a glass of sewage whether or not chlorine had been applied? NO, of course not. Yet that is what you are doing when you drink the water supplied by most cities in the United States.

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