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What makes a hero

             To me a hero is a genuinely good person. A genuinely good person is extremely hard to find. A hero must always think of others first. Without this trait a hero does not do any good because a hero is a person that affects the people around him. A hero also has to be humble A hero is a leader.
             A hero must exhibit traits of selflessness. A true hero is always searching for a way to help others. If a person is always worrying about himself then how are they supposed to influence others? The fire fighters that put their lives on the line to pull get the people out of the burning buildings on September 11 exhibited this to perfection. This is what separates a hero from a normal person. Some firefighters sacrificed their lives to help others and this is why we remember these people today and will always remember them. .
             A hero affects people and causes change. A hero is a person that everyone can look up to. When a hero is in action it causes people to change their priorities. Heroes cause people to stop thinking about themselves and to start looking for ways to help. Mother Teresa is a perfect example of a hero. She started by devoting her life to helping the poor. She was not worried about what others were doing and did not ask anything for herself from anyone. When people saw how she did everything for others they changed their ways. Mother Teresa changed the world and for that she is a hero.
             Being humble is an essential part of being a hero. Nobody will follow a cocky person. By being humble others have nothing to bring down the hero with. If a person builds himself up then there will always be someone to come in and knock the hero of his pedestal. By being humble there is less doubt to whether a person is really a hero. Mother Teresa also showed the world this trait. She never put herself above anyone. She did her work and she did it for all the right reasons. A true hero does not need to parade herself and her ideas to anyone.

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