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Cats and Dogs

            Cats and Dogs, have puzzled people for years. Why do they always fight?, why can't the just get along? Well one of the reasons why is because dogs must always pick on a lower animal then themselves and a cat is the perfect animal. Its smaller, and a harder catch which the dog enjoys. Although a Dog may seem like a good pet, but they tend to be stupid, mostly the male dogs. A cat is more independent if you lke that in a animal then I would get a cat but cats are harder to train, more stubern and get made at you for doing something even though its really the animals fault. So when chosing a pet you must be very carefull when chosing because you don't want to bring home an animal you don't like. If u are and independent person and aren't home alot. I would go with a cat because you can let them out side and they will find their own food. If you like to have a partner in your life and have something to always be there when you need it at hard times then I would go with a good old fashion loyel dog. So when picking a animal to take home with you just remember what you want, if it fits your living style or buget. and its always good to play with the animal first at the store or pownd before taking it home and it will be fun. The End.

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