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            Is abortion right or wrong? Who decides, the woman or the government? The word abortion is not commonly exercised in our daily vocabulary, but when it is mentioned, it is usually associated as a dirty word, which in turn denotes many negative feelings. Many people, not only from certain cultural backgrounds, believe that abortion is immoral and unjust. The two questions above are very similar, yet still very different questions. One would need to answer the second one first, in order to correctly decide what the answer to the first question would be. "Pro-choice" would be a compromise between "Pro-life" and "Pro-abortion." "Pro-choice" allows the mother to have a sense of dignity and pride, while also letting her have control over what she wants done to her body.
             In another sense, abortion can quite easily be considered wrong. The mother is not only eliminating a young child's life, but she could be putting her own life on the line. Statistics show that more young women have died from abortion complications in the past few years at specialized doctor's clinics, than the unlucky thirty-nine women who have died from illegal abortion operations. Abortions cause mass amounts of dispute in this world. People are able to argue that this particular child could grow up to be the next president, or could win the next Nobel Peace Prize. They could also say that each living organism, whether it be fully human, or still inside the mother's womb, has the right to live, grow up, and live a blissful life. Once again, the same question arises, is it moral to save a young fetus' life, if the cost would seemingly be greater than it's worth?.
             No matter how one argues this particular topic, there is no correct answer. The choice should really be pro-choice, or in other words, up to the mother of the child. For instance, take this scenario. A young woman is raped. She is impregnated. She doesn't want to have the child, but is restricted by the government to get an abortion.

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