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Amadeus classism

            In the movie Amadeus, Milos Forman brilliantly depicts Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's short-lived life and the classical era in which he lived. The movie appeared more dramatic than Mozart's actual life but the general significant facts were portrayed well. He was a shinning star in his age, but under-appreciated by his viewers. It seemed as if Antonio Salieri, Mozart's unknown enemy, was one of the only people to truly appreciate his music and talent as an artist, while living in jealousy of him his whole life. .
             This film portrays Mozart as a natural genius when it comes to music, and after viewing this one might think he took his talent for granted. The real-life Mozart was quoted saying, "People make a mistake who think that my art has come easily to me. Nobody has devoted so much thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose work I have not studied over and over." This quote shows both the arrogance of Mozart portrayed in the movie as well as the respect needed for his efforts. When he stated, "Nobody has devoted so much thought as I," this amplifies the feeling you get from watching the movie that Amadeus thought he knew everything and was without a doubt, the best composer ever. Now he was a magnificent artist and could possibly be the greatest composer of all time but the film seemed to portray him as being young and egotistical in some aspects. .
             The manner in which Wolfgang composed was a wonder in itself. His life was his wife and music. He wrote with such perfection and skill that there truly was no better way his pieces could be modified.
             Other situations, such as the overall environment gave this film the feeling of Classicism. Buildings were all seen as the Classical architectural style along with the furnishings in the housing, theaters, and palaces. The lifestyles and attitudes of most people shown in the film were stereotypical of the middle to upper class individuals.

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