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What Happens When You Cross the Desert

            When I putted all my faith in that person that promised me to get me across the border, it was a though decision that I had to make. Wisely, I choose the right decision. Once we crossed, me and about 26 other people, I didn't know if he knew what he was dong, but you"ll do anything to get across--like I did. The day of the crossed the weather was cold, the terrain was muddy and I had mud all over my shoes, and like any other person that has gone through this they"ll tell you--I was scared. Just the thought of not making it across gave me chills through my body.
             Through the whole ordeal, I and the others hardly ever stopped for anything--food, water and sleep. At times we would walk for hours, always taking short-cuts, in fears of getting caught by the border patrol. We would see them at times, yet they had no idea we were there. When we had a change to sleep, it wasn't for long one or two hours if possible, or at times we would just rest but not sleep. We ate on the go, always moving. We ate what each one of us had brought just before we left, me couple of swan-witches. But at all times being alert, looking if we could see the border patrol. .
             After days of sleepless nights, tiered feet and somewhat hungry people, everyone made it, to what they hope it will their home for the rest of their life. I was tired after all of that, just wanted to again sleep in a place were I wasn't looked for, like the desert with the border patrol.
             In my way to my sisters house, I stopped in San Diego, to get a quick bite. Two others and I, stopped at a semi-restaurant, were they were selling Mexican food, everything looked so cheap, Chiles Rellenos $4.50, Enchiladas $4.50, Sodas $2.50. Out side it was like 90 degrees, but inside you could feel the cool air going threw your body, it was a great moment because the car had no air conditioning. When I got to my sisters house and told them about it (everything about the journey) they told me that I was crazy if I paid that much for that type of food.

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