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Each Stage of Life Brings New Choice

             Most living human in this earth has been gone through different stages in its life. Most people had experience different choices, feelings, and problems in each stage. In an average person, I believe we only have 3 major stages. The first stage is to learn, the second stage is to work, and the third stage is to rest. .
             The first stage, which is to learn, is from ages 0-25. During this stage, we, teenagers are here to learn and experience different things. This is an important stage and whatever you learned and experience will lead it to its future. On the other hand, we have lots of choice to make during this stage. Example, I am graduating this year from high school, I got to make a choice of what I should do after graduation. Should I go to University, Collage, go to work and/or sit home and do nothing. That's why I think making choice in this stage is really important, whatever choice you make, is whatever your going to be in the future.
             The second stage, which is working, is from ages 25-50. This is when we use whatever we have learned in the learning stage and apply it to live. During this stage, we have to work to survive in the society, learn how to be fit in the really world. This is also the time to start a family and start a brand new life. Example, after graduation of university, I would be around 25. I plan to work a few years and during that time I"ll find my steady career that may support my whole life. If that's set, I"ll start my own family. You have to make a lot of decision in this stage, all these decision are really important and it will lead you to whatever you have chosen. That's what I think people should do when they are in there learning stage.
             The final stage is the best; this is the time when you may see your grand children graduating from high school and your son is having another children. Life is good, there's nothing to worry about. This is why I think this stage is resting.

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