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Mayflower Compact

             The Mayflower compact is a very important document to the history of the United States of America. It was written on November 21, 1620 by Puritans on their way to the new land. They were fleeing the horrible ruling of the English King. This document finally gave them the equal rights that they were craving in their escape from England.
             This document explains how all the people on the Mayflower are bound together with this contract, under God, as a "civil body politic". They will work together for the good of their colony and the people. The document also states that everyone is equal under these laws. This document reflects very important issues of the time. The people upon this boat that wrote the Compact were all fleeing from the unequal rule of the English King. They created this document to give themselves the freedom they wanted. Many ideals from this document are important in cotemporary America. The United States of America is based upon the idea that everyone under the rule of the United States Government is equal. They all have the same rights and privileges offered by the government. Also, this document talks of a nation led by the people joined together, which is another important part of the democracy of the United States.
             The Mayflower Compact is instrumental in history and the creation of later documents in contemporary America. The ideas of the puritans, such as religious freedom and equal rights have been passed down through history to the present day government. Many recent and influential documents are based on ideas from the Mayflower Compact. .

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