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Write a description of the person you would most like to see

            The person I"d like to see again is my grandfather, who passed away a few years ago. It was him, along with my grandmother who raised me, mainly because my parents were then having problems trying to transfer their jobs to Galatz. That is how I came to consider him very dear to me.
             He was a tallish person in the year he died and had a really warm-looking face. Surprisingly, his hair wasn't at all white and did not get fattish as most old people do. He wasn't nagging all the time and had quite a sense of humor and when he laughed, his sparkling blue eyes flashed with youthful delight and shone brightly from behind the mask of his wrinkled face. His nose was quite big and I used to make fun of him, but he never got angry. .
             Though not a very educated man, he did know quite a lot of things which come in handy in the house. He would always know to repair things, from a broken hinge to electrical equipment. I learned quite a lot from him, including how to play the guitar. That is how I came to enjoy doing this and by the time I was in Primary School, I already started taking music lessons. He also gave me my first classical guitar, which I've been using ever since.
             My grandfather was also a very talented person, and even got into the Architecture College but due to financial problems he dropped out. But he did not give up. He did various sculptures and drawings which I still have in my house and are very precious to me. He tried to make a business out of sculpture, but failed mainly because at that time there was no such interest for art. Then he started working as a carpenter and this is how he earned his living, and later even opened his very own workshop.
             I believe that my grandfather can be taken as a role model who despite the difficulties of life managed to accomplish most of his achievements. He is someone who I will never forget in my life.

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