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Magic Johnson

            During the world before Ervin ?Magic? Johnson?s time, was that his older brothers and one sister was born. His brother?s names were Quincy and Larry, and his older sister?s name is Pearl. On August 14, 1959 Ervin ?Magic? Johnson was born to Ervin and Christine Johnson. Ervin ?Magic? Johnson also has three younger sister?s. Their names are Kim, Eveyln and Yvonne. Out of his three sister?s Eveyln and Yvonne are twins.
             As Magic Jr. was growing up he went to two different schools. The schools he went to were Main Street Elementary and Lansing Everett High. When he finished high school he went to Michigan State University (MSU). When he was in high school at Lansing Everett, he earned his nickname ?Magic? when he scored thirty- six points, sixteen rebounds and sixteen assists. Later on Magic was diagnosed HIV positive. .
             Magic Quoted ? The looks, the stares, the giggles?. I wanted to show everybody that I could do better and that I could read.? But, later on attending MSU he was the first drafted by the Lakers in1979. With that Magic led the Lakers to a five time NBA Championship in 1980-82, 85, 87-88. Later on in Life he got married to a woman named Earleatha Kelly (Cookie). Then Johnson Retired on November 7, 1991, when he announced he had HIV and when he found out his wife, Cookie was three month pregnant. .
             Magic has two children a boy and a girl named Ervin Johnson III and an adopted daughter named Elisa. While Coaching for the Lakers he turned Pro. In November of 1993-94 and he also created an organization/corporation to help those whom are in need called the Johnson Development Corporation. Through that he opened a theatre, Magic Theatres that same year. .
             After several months of playing he went back into retirement in May 14, 1996. Two years later in February of 1998 he got a partnership with T.G.I. Friday?s and Starbucks Coffee. He is also traveling all around the world teaching young African Americans about safe sex, abstinence and educating African Americans on the dangers of AIDS and HIV using his best knowledge and personal experiences to the best of his ability.

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