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Criminal Justice

             Juveniles all across the country lose privileges after a certain hour of the day. A big one they lose is the right to socialize with friends. Police concentrate on arresting kids just for being out after 10:00 PM. The issue is curfew. Curfew is created by older people in society to limit the movements of younger people and many teens suffer from it. It is one of the most ridiculous laws passed. Policemen lose concentration on protecting the community from bad crimes by arresting kids for being out past a certain hour. Curfew for juveniles should be pushed back to a later time so that they have more freedom.
             The opposing argument might say juveniles sometimes can get pretty reckless when out at night. Dane Bouws, a San Diegan journalist, stated: "Teens get too wild at night when under the influence. People can get hurt from them, and sometimes even die,"(Teenage Curfew Laws, pg. 2). You could say teens should continue to be on restriction after 10:00 PM. You could also say everyone would be safer with the curfew. Well, this is not true, and I am going to prove it. The curfew law can actually have some negative affects on the community. Here is a quote from John Brower: "Curfew laws distract police from more important and pressing matters,"(Curfew, pg. 5). This is bad for the community because adults are not monitored as closely as teens, so crime could easily come from them. Teens generally just socialize with each other when out at night, and police try to prevent that. The following is a quote from Corey Kaiser, a student of San .
             Diego, California: "If police would concentrate more on preventing teens from having access to alcohol and illegal drugs than busting kids for being out past curfew, recklessness from teens would not occur." These negative affects are just plain ridiculous. Everyone would be better off if police patrolled the streets, looking after more important things than kids hanging out.

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