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            A controversial issue, not only in the courts, but as well in my mind.
             "personal platform," if you will, is quite difficult to do, so essentially the only thing that I have determined is that it is not necessary for me to have to choose. I also find it quite ignorant to ignore the opposing side. So, I believe that every person is allowed to form there opinion or opinions, though they may even be conflicting, equally, one may also argue both sides.
             Many people believe that it is a question of morals, but I see beyond those simple ideals. Many people would also agree that it is not only a question right or wrong, but rather a more complex question of, "At what point does life begin?" Another question that people defending abortion would ask would be "Who has the right to your body?".
             These type of open ended questions, with out any answer, just a defense in mind have no bearing in my eyes.
             The question of "What point does life begin?" is a question that would be defensive in a mind other than mine, in that simply life does not grant itself rights. We do not give plants life, nor do we animals the we hunt, kill, and mount upon a wall. So why should we allow a fetus, an unborn child, a right? Well a reason may be that it has the potential to become a human being. Well potential is not good enough. It cannot state what it wants, it cannot much less think about what it feels. But then again, this unborn fetus could be the next Einstein, or a genius that will save the planet from extinction. It could, and we may only be robbing ourselves in the end, but if so, we"ll have our regrets.
             Next is the question of "Who has the right to your body?" This question is a still a ritorical question, but in a since, it has an answer. For if someone was to ask anybody that question, the obvious answer would be, "It is my body, therefore I own the right to my body." BUT, if you ask that same person, "Should a person be allowed to have an abortion?" There first answer just might change.

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