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Sustaining power

             Through out society there has always been a so called ruler, king, or religious leader that obtained complete control of their dwellings. Although the hardest part of ones fight for power was to become a ruler. Rulers face two very large challenges while they are in reign. One of the main goals of most leaders over all was to sustain there power for as long as they live and then pass what they have accomplished to one of their heirs to leave of where they finished. The second main goal of most rulers is to make their power be shown to the people so that all that they reign know of what control they have over the land and people that dwell on it. Through out time there have been many great and cynical leaders, who have in some cases lead to great empires that stretched across large quantities of land to others who have fallen short to their name and failed miserably at their conquests. .
             Once a ruler obtains his position of great power, they then must do what ever they can to sustain their rule for, what one hopes to be, a life time. One of the great rulers of china during the "golden age" was Emperor Kangxi under the Ming and Qing dynasties. Kangixi had more traditional methods of running his land, he followed mostly by the Confucian philosophy, which applies to not only the times of the golden age but also very much so to present times in the US. This method of rule kept a much greater moral amongst the people which made him a much liked ruler, which in turn he was able to keep his reign through out his life time. Another great ruler of the time was Suleiman I, who used other methods of sustaining his power amongst the lands. Suleiman had great .
             military conquests in his time which stretched his land across Europe. Although through most of his life time he had a strong hold of power among his people, issues starting stirring up in his later years of his life thus causing a slow downfall of his reign.

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