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Finding a Sustainable Future

            It is human nature to under value our possessions when we become accustomed to its presence. For example, non-renewable resources such as coal are abundant, making them the most used energy source in the United States. However, these same abundant resources are harming the health of the environment and the people. In today's society, it is uncommon for someone to spend more money on purchases, even if that purchase is going towards positively affecting society. A perfect example of this is dealing with the issue of renewable energy use. Why pay more to sustain the health of the environment if that single purchase has a minimal effect on the outcome? Renewable energy resources typically cost more money to develop and maintain; however their long-term benefits are well worth the effort. Even though solar power may not be the most cost effective in the short term, they most certainly are helpful in sustaining our planets finite resources. Ostensibly, although renewable energy may require increased immediate spending, it is necessary for a number of reasons. Our dependency on non-renewable resources such as coal is negatively impacting the environment and the health of the people, which is why renewable energy sources such as solar power is a viable solution. .
             It is safe to say that the untied states runs on a free market economy, giving individuals the opportunity to create their own profits. Companies and businesses are constantly looking for their best financial interests. Unfortunately, renewable energy sources are not cheap, making them not so popular among companies attempting to maximize profits. It is mainly because of this that people turn to non-renewable resources as a source of energy, specifically fossil fuels. The "cost of producing non-renewable energy is low since they are naturally available," or abundant, making them cheaper to transform from one form of energy to another (Miller 352).

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