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Problems of Nuclear Energy

             Nuclear energy can be good, it is cost-effective, creates cheap electricity, and there is lots of it, and power plants aren't too hard to build. But the real problem is, where can all that stuff go? It is not renewable, so it has to go somewhere, just like trash does. Trash can be recycled or decomposed into the ground, it wont just stay there. Even if it did, its not too dangerous. The point is though, nuclear energy has WASTE. After all the electricity is created, its all gotta go somewhere. The nuclear waste needs a place to go. A good idea has not yet been found. Nuclear waste is dangerous too. It is radioactive and will infect you with radiation which turns into cancer if you get too close. Even when you bury nuclear waste, you might think your safe, but in truth you aren't. It contaminates the air: Explosive release of gas from an underground disposal site is possible. There is unfortunately no reliable way of estimating this danger - there are too many complex possibilites concerning actual methods of burial and of possible chemical interactions within a real environment. There is also the danger of water contamination: Underground waters may come in contact with radioactive elements that have leaked out from the waste and can contaminate the drinking water of local and distant communities.
             3. Many people can take nuclear waste and turn it into very powerful and dangerous and destructive things. Radioactive material should not go into the wrong hands. Problem is, there is no way of keeping them from this, and many of the people who wish to use nuclear waste for the wrong purposes have ways to access it themselves anyways. Some people, Americans, take it and mix it in with recycled metals, which means there could be radioactive bits that we encounter in your everyday lives. This is unlikely, but not impossible. The most widely known use and probably most dangerous use is biological weapons, especially nuclear and atomic bombs.

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