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Being Away From Home

            S I finally want in my country to visit and see my family. They been in Bosnia, in one little town called Velika Kladusa, a little town just about five thousand people. For time I have been in U.S my hometown went through some big changes in every aspect of life comparing to the time when I lived there. The changes were so drastic that I noticed them at first sight. I heard what happened but I didn"t really know, was it truth or not, I couldn"t believe it.
             The major changes that it was happened, it was happen to people in town which was easy to notice. The number of people drastically declined and composition of age structure of the people has change a lot of. There were not many people in town, many had left the country, leaving everything what they had just to save their lives and looking for a better future. The town was empty, quite, every sad picture. I didn"t see many people walking around except if they really needed to do some things such as shopping or going to the post office, hospital, and bank etc. There were no young people in the town; those who stayed in town were older people. The people who stay in town were in their years and couldn"t go anywhere. Beside that people were unhappy and unfriendly, they didn"t like to talk, everybody seemed to take care of their own business and didn"t care about anyone or anything else which was strange for me. When I saw what of my town and the people in it had become, I couldn"t believe and not to remember days when I was home and how everything was perfect. People would be home doing their daily tasks, very happy. People would be walking around, specially younger people who spent all their time out, playing, being in group, talking and having fun. I could hear music everywhere, crowds of people, the smell of food a lot of cars siren, trucks and other motor vehicles. People were very friendly and willing to help you at any time, no matter what.

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