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             The television show that I decided to match up with what we have learned this semester was "The Simpsons". This episode of "The Simpsons" starts off with Bart bringing in mail to Homer and charging him $3.00 for three envelopes. The money isn't even real and Bart gets mad, but doesn't complain. Homer reads through his mail and opens a magazine called Self- Test Monthly. Well the problem that I see with this magazine is that for the most part, magazines with quizzes are predominantly for women. This brings on the term Gender that is the personality traits and social positions that are attached to being male or female. He then quizzes Flanders, which makes him upset because his wife had died six months ago. Homer doesn't even remember his wife died till Flanders says that he fell in his wife's grave. He then laughs and the scene closes to Homer quizzing two fellow male employees about the Backstreet Boys which they will definitely now know the answer. When in bed with Marge, Homer quizzes himself about how long he is going to live. He comes up with he"ll die in 3 years and becomes a little shocked. Culture Shock, personal disorientation when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life, then makes Homer become "insane". He goes to work dressed in a sleeping bag holding a baby doll talking to himself about being a mother. Mr. Burns then instructs Homer to see the Plant Psychiatrist to help him with his problem. Homer and the Psychiatrist talk about Homer's father and then Homer says he hates the Psychiatrists father. The Psychiatrist then recommends Homer to take a trip to Florida and as soon as he mentions it, Homer says that Florida is "America's Wang". That statement could be considered a use of the term symbol. Symbol is anything that carries a particular meaning recognized by ppl who share a culture. He had the meaning of Florida in his mind as being "America's Wang". As Marge, Homer, Lisa, Bart and Maggie all drive into Florida, they realize that it's Spring Break.

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