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Registered Nurse

             Registered Nurses provide direct and indirect nursing care to patients, whether working in a hospital, office, health care facility, public services, or home health care. Nurses have a variety of tasks to attend to while working in these matters. Some being to provide clinical supervision and training of other nursing staff; assist physicians and other health care providers, and take independent action within professional preparation and legal limits. (www.stats.bls.gov).
             Being a nurse to me sounded like something that I thought I should make an interest in. I knew that there was a shortage happening in the health care career especially in the nursing department. Therefore, in my junior year I decided to take a R.O.P. course in Hospital/Health. The first month and a half was all bookwork on what goes on in the health department. I learned from the basics of heath care to what goes on behind the scenes. Then after learning from the book, I finally was able to go out into the field itself. I was working in the Work Wellness department of Emmanuel Hospital. There, I was able to work with patients and use my bilingual skills to help the RN or doctor. This experience made me want to take a step further to learning how to become a registered nurse.
             Becoming a registered nurse requires college study and a licensing examination. While there are discussions of raising the educational requirements to include a .
             bachelor's degree, the current rules require only some post-secondary study in one of the nearly 5,000 nursing programs around the country. All graduates from either diploma or degree programs must write examinations set by their nurses' association in order to obtain registration. Most nursing associations recommend that students pursue a degree in nursing rather than a diploma. It will qualify them for better job opportunities, as well as provide them with a good education to prepare them for the increasing complexity of health care.

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