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Chiyoko is a Good person

            I believe that Chiyoko is a good person. She just has bad ideas as to how she should show it. Take the average person, most people do what's best for themselves and those around them. People strive for perfection but make mistakes, not intentionally does anyone intend to harm others. People may think she is a bad person for the choices she makes but the pain she feels and the lengths she goes to right her wrong proves she is a good person.
             I think that Chiyoko has very low self esteem, and as shown on pages 80 and 117, you can see that she thinks she is very ugly. She doesn't see the beauty in her mind, not on her face. She also spreads rumors about Shinji and Hatsue. As you can see on pages 105 and 115, she spread the rumor of sexual relations between Shinji and Hatsue, but I believe she did it out of jealousy, not actually hurt anyone, she just wanted Shinji all to herself and she was jealous that Hatsue had him.
             There are also a lot of reasons as to how she is a good person. Chiyoko is very honest, the evidence on pages 79 and 78 that describe how she is more honest than many and that she can see the beauty in all others but is blind to the beauty that lies within her. Chiyoko. As the evidence shows on page 79, not only does she memorize Victorian Poetry but even her mother believes that she is smarter than she is. Also, we know that she feels remorse for what she did to Shinji, because on pages 114, 115 and 118, Is t shows that she feels awful for that she did to him.
             Therefore I think what makes her a great person Is someone who makes mistakes and feels bad for it. She tries to what's best for everyone, which Chiyoko didn't really do, but she tries to show how good she is, but sometimes one who tries to show how they hare, but whose true colors don't shine through. Sometimes people are too to judge without even getting to know someone. I giving her a chance so that she can show how good of a person she is.

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