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Female Circumcision

             Many countries throughout Africa, Middle Eastern, and Asian hold religious and cultural beliefs that condone and often require female circumcision. It is believed that female circumcision prepares girls for womanhood, and preserves their honor. Despite painful and permanent side effects these countries see female circumcision as a major part of their lives and do not intend to change their beliefs. Meanwhile a majority of the world is trying to send them a message that female circumcision is morally wrong. .
             Picture yourself as a small child around the age of four. Your lying on a table, nude, with your family surrounding you. Minutes later you are feeling an excruciating pain between your legs. You try to move, try to run away, but your mom and dad are holding you down. Another member of your family has just begun to cut of pieces of your vagina off with a razor blade. There is blood all around you and now that member of your family has started to sew your vagina closed. Finally you lose consciousness because the pain is so unbearable. You have just been subjected to female circumcision. .
             Although female circumcision may be performed during infancy, during adolescence or even during a woman's first pregnancy, " the procedure is usually carried out on girls between the ages of four and twelve". (Women's Health Weekly). " There are three basic types of female circumcision clitoridectomy, excision, and infibulation" . ( Female Genital Mutilation). In the first type, clitoridectimy, all or part of the clitoris is removed or amputated, while in the second ( often referred to as excision), both the clitoris and labia are removed. Infibulation, the third .
             type, is the most severe: After removal of the clitoris and labia, the labia are cut or scraped away to create raw surfaces, which are held in contact until they heal, either by stitching the edges of the wound or by tying the legs together.

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