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Female Circumcision

            In The Science, Rogaia Mustafa Abushard explains female circumcision, a ritual performed in Africa and parts of Asia. The immortalizing ritual of genital mutation is a tradition of many cultures. An untrained, uneducated midwife with unsanititized equipment does the agonizing procedure. The clitoris is cut off without anesthesia and the outer lips of the vagina are sewed together. After the operation the girls legs are tied together for weeks so the skin can grow over the .
             flesh. The young girls are between the ages of four to eleven. This purifies the girls and it gives them status in the community. The circumcision has much serious health risks including depression, miscarriages, AIDS, and other infectious diseases, or even the possibility of death. A majority of these women would not have subjected their children to circumcision if they were aware of the health risks involved. In addition, it is my opinion that genital mutilation is a degrading, man made ritual for the sole purpose of increasing a man's sexual enjoyment during intercourse. It is immoral and should be banned from all countries.

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