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             Metallica is one of the best bands of our time, because they had many great albums, they have had to deal with a death in their band, and they changed heavy metal forever. They have had 10 great albums throughout their existence. Metallica's .
             ex-bassist, Cliff Burton, died in a tragic bus crash in 1986. They have changed heavy metal by bringing new ways of playing guitars, drums and new types of vocals.
             Metallica formed in 1981, and then in 1983 released their first album titled Kill Em" All. This album featured songs that were fast, hard, and loud. Next, came Ride the Lighting. The song titled Ride the Lightning is about the idea of being strapped in the electric chair even though you didn't commit the crime. Their third album was Master of Puppets. The album sold over a million copies in the US alone without the help of singles. After that came And Justice for All. This is thought to be the best album by many Metallica fans. Their 5th album was the Black Album, which had many classics like Enter Sandman, Don't Tread On Me, and Nothing Else Matters. The 6th album by Metallica was Load. This was when Metallica started to change their music a little. They left the fast, hard, and loud for a different sound. Reload came next, and it had songs that did not make it to the Load album. Garage Inc. was next and it contained covers like Turn The Page, Whiskey In The Jar, Die, Die My Darling, Stone Cold Crazy and So What.
             September 27, 1986 was a tragic day for Metallica. That was the day Cliff Burton died. Metallica was coming back from a show and they all went to sleep on their bunks, on the bus. The driver hit a icy road and turned the bus over. When James, Lars, and Kirk all got up they found Cliff's lifeless body laying half-under the bus. The bus driver was trying to take a blanket out from underneath Cliff's dead body, and James yelled leave him alone. Later, the band hired Jason Newstead.
             Metallica has changed metal forever.

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