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Farzan Chishti's Brief Guide to Bodybuilding

            Farzan Chishti's Brief Guide to Bodybuilding.
             Who would have thought about writing a research report about Bodybuilding? After all, does it really take a great deal of knowledge hoisting heavy plates? The science and art of Bodybuilding is not as advanced as nanotechnology, but it does not come naturally either, individuals can but do not have to learn by trial and error. In general, the public looks at bodybuilders as mean uneducated men who have nothing else to do than pump iron, eat, and sleep. The fact is that person does"nt has to be Einstein to body build, however in bodybuilding a lot of anatomical knowledge, nutritional strategies, and experience and most important of all, patience is required. At the end of the day, whatever a bodybuilder is doing, they had better be getting good results otherwise, there is something wrong. So do you really want to know what Bodybuilding is about? Bodybuilding is the blend of kinesiology, nutrition, and resistance training to exaggerate the human anatomy and break barriers of physical and psychological strength.
             Near the end of the 19th century an interest in bodybuilding arose, not as a way of survival or to defend you"re self, but as a celebration of the beauty of the human body. The roots of strength emerged from Europe, where professional strong men as entertainment displayed pure power by lifting big rocks, to earn money. During a later period, the same happened in America, during the period when automobiles were invented. People started moving away from farms to city, leading modern yet sedentary lives. Interestingly as a trend of health and fashion emerged, the beer-drinking fat bellied strongmen of Europe were certainly not role models for the Americans. Suddenly out of nowhere a physique superstar rose, his name was Eugene Sandow. Sandow was more of an exhibitionist for rich woman rather than a bodybuilder. However the trend of lifting weights just for the look of big muscles started.

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