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Ethical issues in the workplace

             I have selected the unit in which I work to look at for this session long project. This organization is responsible for the training, readiness, and mobilization of National Guard and Reserve units in nine different states east of the Mississippi river. In mission requires personnel to do an excessive amount of job related travel. Personnel are constantly on the road interfacing with different units and facilitating their training. I will identify a moral problem that we have and what is being done to correct the problem. I will tell what the utilitarian considerations are, and what rights are involved.
             II. Body.
             As with any organization there are issues of morality which brings with them problems that have to be addressed. The organization in which I work has recently developed a moral problem in regards to travel vouchers. Travel vouchers are being completed and submitted with incorrect claims for money that the service member is entitled to but actually did not accrue the related charges during the TDY trip.
             Morally the service member knows that this practice is not right.
             What compounds this issue is that for certain claims you do not have to provide a receipt if the amount is under twenty five dollars. It is also a requirement that someone-a usually a supervisor -review and verify the information the service member is claiming. The tricky part comes in when a claim is made and there is no receipt and the soldier is entitled to claim the item. For example, a service member is authorized to claim up to forty dollars a month in ATM fees. The soldier claims this just because he is authorized not because he used the ATM during the month.
             The utilitarian consideration is that this will this affect the organization in the long term. The leadership is wrestling with this issue because they cannot always substantiate that a service member was not entitled to make a claim.

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