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Gender descrimiation

             There has always been a fine line between men and women. Such as men being the leader, and women the follower. It is also thought that women are smarter in the launguage fields, and men are smarter in the math and science fields. This observation is seen at diferent view points by many people, and it is hard to know the real differences in gender.
             Throughout history men and women have had different lifestyles. The men usually worked long hours all day while the women stayed inside cleaning and cooking. Women also did not get equal rights, or freedom of speech. This act of discrimination caused women to fight for their rights in the Women's Rights Movement. Since that time period, women's rights have been granted freedom, but there are still traces of gender discrimination shown in many areas. Both women and men do not always get the equal rights the opposite sex gets. Such as men get to participate in certain sports, but women do not. This is also seen the other way around, but the women getting to participate in certain activities, but men can't. There is yet another difference in men and women. Women are seen as the gentle type, and men are masculant and tough. The opposite sex both handle situations different, and they both don't express their feelings in the same way. Some people also consider women the smarter of the two genders, and they have more brain cells than men. This observation is just what some people think and there is no scientific data that this is true. .
             Men and women are two completely opposite people physically, but mentally they are relativaly similar. There are people who spend their time analyzing men and women, and it is hard to come across the truth on their inner differences. Even though some men may seem to be smarter in science than women, it does not mean that they really are. Such as Marie Curie who discovered the radioactive elements polonium and radium, and as the first person to win two Nobel prizes.

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