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Employment in the Furniture Industry

             Work done by people in the furniture industry has changed dramatically over the past 100 years. The biggest change has been the introduction of electricity. Drilling a hole 100 years ago involved a lot of man power and a lot of time using a hand drill. Today we pick a very light wieght and powerful rechargable drill, line up the hole and it takes us a few seconds. Same goes for saws. 100 years ago you would need to use a hand saw for all jobs. Now there a many different varieties of hand and electric saws for the right job in the least amount of time. Another major change is using renewable resources and wood such as MDF and particle board to reduce the strain on forests. 100 years ago furniture makers and alike would use there wood, eg. Jarrah, without any worry because there was so much of it. As time went on these jarrah forests were declining and furniture makers would have to look elsewhere for there wood. MDF and particle board was created as a alternative to products that were going to be painted anyway. Pine is mostly used nowadays because it is renewable and is easily stained to look like other woods.
             Part B.
             Self-employed- earning one's income from one's own business, skills, etc. and not as a salary or wages from an employer. .
             Wage Earner- earns an income from an employee. Usally as an hourly or weekly rate. .
             Contract Worker- works under a contract of a given time, set by an employer.
             Self-employed would be the mode of employment I would prefer. Being self-employed you set our own wage, hours but you do need to take into account that you must buy your own equipment, wood etc.

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