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Problem-Assertion essay on potty training

            Audience: those who want to make daily tasks less a chore.
             Message: Stores should accommodate the illiterate.
             Purpose: To show how easy it is to make a huge difference.
             Walking into a grocery store that is not handicap accessible is almost unimaginable in this day. The entrance doorway will automatically open for those in wheelchairs with the push of a button. If there are stairs, you will find an easy access entrance or ramp as well. Even the telephones display instructions for the hearing impaired. If mobility is difficult there are electric sit and shop carts available. Now, what if one is illiterate? How do shopping marts accommodate the population that cannot read? In my opinion they don't.
             Shopping is made more convenient for most by signs itemizing what you could find in each aisle; this serves no purpose to those who can't interpret it. I can imagine the humiliation of having to ask an associate where every single item on my list was located. I suppose one solution would be to start at the front of the store, (browsing each and every aisle) till you find everything you need. The idea of having to do this seems ridiculous to me; after all, being illiterate doesn't make your time any less valuable. Another possible solution could be to have another person do your shopping for you . but what about those last minute cravings? You know the cravings when you want something but can't decide exactly what it is? I know from my shopping experience that there is always something the household needs that I forgot to put on my shopping list; sending another to do your groceries won't help with the items you've forgotten you need.
             The money that these big companies invest to make the shopping experience easier for those less capable; Why has no one thought of these consumers in the community? I am sure they encounter enough of a struggle in their day to day routine; shopping should not have to be one of them.

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