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            Music is comprised of many important factors that can range from sound to length. Change is particularly an important part of music. Without it, music would be flat and boring. In the pieces Attitudes, composed by Derek Keller, and Ribbons, by Rick Snow, change occurs throughout the entire pieces that enable the listener to keep from falling asleep.
             In Attitudes, it starts out slow and the notes do not overlap. It starts to quicken and the notes then overlap. The rhythm gets more stable but the speed seems varying. As the piece continues, the sound that sounds like a block being hit is almost drowned out by the drums. The box sound then gets a little less high pitched. As time passes the drums rhythm changes suddenly many times and in the background the cymbals can be heard constantly. There's a part where the block sound has it's own melody and complements the drums in the background. In the end, the beat slows down, although still fast, and ends with a block sound.
             The second part of the piece begins with the drums by itself and seems to get faster. There's a high pitch note that is repeated over and over while the drums are playing. As the note's pitch gets lower, the speed becomes faster and it seems the note is going to fade but the last note is higher in pitch than the previous, giving the impression that it will return, which it does. At the same time the drums in the background also quicken while becoming stable and repeating a beat. As time passes, the speed gets unstable and the sounds come quickly. The high pitch note comes in and is repeated with the cymbals heard in the background. The piece then slows down and the drums come in, gaining speed. Near the end the drums is the only instrument playing, and it slows down until each beat is easily distinguishable from one another and then stops.
             In the next part, the speed changes are really quick and it is easily noticed.

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