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Body Language

            Use of Paralanguage and Body Language in Everyday Life.
             In today's society communication seems to be the most significant way in which .
             people interact with one another. As technology advances and new forms of .
             communication are developed, people still tend to use two very old forms of .
             communication in their every day lives. Theses forms of communication are non other than .
             that of body language (kinesics) and paralanguage. Body language is a form of .
             communication through different movements and gestures of the body. Paralanguage is a .
             form of communication through the verbal sense, such as a whistle or a grunt. The use of .
             kinesics (body language) and paralanguage in everyday life is the most prominent use of .
             persuasion we use subconsciously.
             They are used subconsciously because you may not know what they mean. Which .
             can cause cultural tension if you do something that may seem harmless to you but may be .
             a great insult to another culture. Paralanguage has many forms such as whistling which .
             can be used by many people as a means of entertaining by whistling a song or even in .
             American culture used to hound women on the streets because they appear to be .
             attractive. .
             Kinesics is articulation of the body, or movement resulting from muscular and .
             skeletal shift. This includes all actions, physical or physiological, automatic reflexes, posture, facial expressions, gestures, and other body movements. Body language, body .
             idiom, gesture language, organ language and kinesics acts are just some terms used to .
             depict kinesics. In ways that body language works in nonverbal acts, body language .
             parallels paralanguage. .
             Kinesics acts may substitute for language, accompany it, or modify it. Kinesics acts .
             may be lexical or informative and directive in nature, or they may be emotive or empathic .
             movements. Posture is one of the range of communication possible through body stance. .
             But there are some cultural differences in posture positions.

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