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If Only I become a teacher

             The most vital need of any teacher is to establish a good communication system with his/her students and have a great patient. If I could change places with one of my teachers, this would be one of the first few things I would set out to do. I would show myself to be more approachable in order to encourage my students to have greater confidence in my capacity as both teacher and friend. Once achieved, it will promote closer student-teacher relationship and establish a bond between us. Students should be treated as adults and made responsible for their actions instead of ordering them and using threats. .
             I would also project an image of firmness and yet be sympathetic towards the problems of individual students, especially with regard to handing in assignments and arriving late for lectures. I could get more cooperation out of the students if I showed care and concern. I would indicate by words or deeds, my willingness to help all, including the not so bright student, to do better and work harder. This would not only ensure success in examinations but also provide the necessary motivation.
             Each lecture would be well-prepared in advance and I would not resort to reading entirely from notes or giving too many notes. This would make the lecture boring and monotonous. I would make the lecture as interesting as possible, so that the students will not be easily distracted. Sometimes, I would digress a little in order to change or lighten the atmosphere, especially when a point seems difficult to put across.
             Students would be encouraged and allowed to voice their opinions or doubts. This would clear any uncertainty and help them towards a better understanding of the subject. An effective way of promoting teamwork towards greater productivity would be to set up group assignments. This would make students realize the importance of interdependence, which is valuable not just during school but also after finishing school.

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