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             Technology is constantly advancing in all different directions. Some see it as a good thing others see it as a horrible tragedy. Personally I feel that with out technology the quality of the lives we live would still be the same we just would not be able to communicate with each other as easily. Communicating with each other is a very important and vital brick in the building block of our daily lives. Just imagine how much you could get accomplished if you could not communicate with anyone; other than those close enough to you to talk to. Imagine if it still took three or four days to get a letter from California to New York. Would businesses be able to operate at the same speed? Communications however, effects much more than just the business world. Communications effects our daily lives. Recently a new technology was introduced to the electronics world. This technology is known as Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless networking standard for your personal area that provides license-free operation in Europe, Japan, and the United States. What makes Bluetooth so special is its ability to create a wireless link between devices equipped with this new technology.
             Bluetooth opens us up to a new level of data communications. By making it possible to communicate wirelessly to any device equipped with a Bluetooth chip. Mobile phones can communicate with lap top computers, digital daily planners can be linked to personal computers and have e-mail down loaded to them the moment it is sent a multitude of possibilities are born. Bluetooth works on a 24.5 GHz ISM "free band" which means that there is no restrictions for travelers using Bluetooth enabled equipment. For transmission of information between Bluetooth enabled devices there is no necessary "line of sight," which means that these devices do not work in the same fashion that television remote controls work. Devices that are equipped with Bluetooth can communicate room to room or from different floors in an office building instantaneously sharing and updating information.

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