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             "We are entering a time when all of our tools and Internet appliances will communicate with one another," said Frank Spindler, vice president and director of marketing for Intel (Neel). Routine activities like standing in line and waiting by the phone will become obsolete. It will no longer be just a dream to access personal and business data from any location. As we enter a new technological era, wireless connectivity places itself at our fingertips. Data exchange will occur easily and instantly. The Internet unlocked the potential of interconnected computers, resulting in one of the building blocks of digital communication. A technology called Bluetooth will ride this success to unlock the potential in thousands of devices and systems we encounter every day.
             "Bluetooth is the name given to a new technology standard using short-range radio links, intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed electronic devices" (Kansal). It enables short-range, low-power, unlicensed, wireless connectivity from a hand-held device to a multitude of other devices. Bluetooth's key features are its robustness, low complexity, low power consumption and low cost. The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) will become an integral product featuring Bluetooth, and will act as the cornerstone of connectivity to PCs, consumer electronics, point-of-sale transaction terminals, cell phones, pagers, Internet proxies and other electronic devices. Even current PDAs such as the Palm Pilot and Pocket PC will be Bluetooth upgradeable.
             Standardization is essential in the evolution of this sophisticated technology. The standard defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to communicate with each other, with minimal user effort. "Establishing a standard in this case means integrating thoroughly tested technology with the power-efficiency and low-cost of a compliant radio system," (Kansal).

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