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            Napoleon was a power-hungry beast; it was always only about him. Napoleon was not a hero, but yet he was important part of French Revolution. In many aspects of his life you can see that he lived and played France like it was a toy.
             Take fore example his childhood, Napoleon was always an outsider. But he, from the young age, had good leadership abilities. His selfishness was, said by historians, gained from him mother. People noticed his skills and often complemented him, which gave him more and more self-respect. In Napoleon's later life the coronation would be a good example of this self-love. As said in textbook during Napoleon's coronation he (Napoleon) stood up, took crown away from pope, and without shame placed it on his head.
             Napoleon did not feel sorry for anybody, soldiers under his supervision died in packs. But Napoleon always had good way of hiding it. For an example when his soldiers were fighting for their life in Russia, Napoleon just sat there watching and enjoying the battle. When most of his soldiers died he again tried to hide it but his reputation was "shadowed" forever. .
             After the disastrous battle in Russia, Napoleon stepped down from power. He was probably not happy about it, but he, obviously, had no choice. To prove my statement, I can remind you that after he was send away to live on the island, Napoleon came back. Napoleon came back to gain power again hoping that everybody forgot about his downfall. But he couldn't be the same powerful and cruel Napoleon-ruler, so he stepped down again, and this time he never came back.
             Napoleon himself was a great dictator and emperor. He came to France right when they needed someone like him. Of course, he did good things for France, he gained lands (which were later taken away anyway) and people really loved and adore him (that's why they supported him when he came back). Some of his reforms survived thought today. He did good things in France but still he wasn't much a big hero, just a very powerful and talented dictator.

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