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rights of vikings

            Columbus sailed the ocean blue in the year 1492?, this statement not only holds .
             great truths but it also holds great lies. The United States has held on to the belief that .
             Christopher Columbus was the discoverer of North America since the beginning of it's .
             recorded history. The total unwillingness of the American society to yield to new history is .
             a travesty to not only the law of progress but to the people that discovered North America, .
             the Vikings. The problem of not giving recognition to the Vikings discovery of North .
             America must be dealt with in order to put history in the proper prospective. .
             When one picks up a America History textbook, it invariably makes mention to the .
             so called voyage of discovery by Christopher Columbus. The existence of the text is in it .
             self not a problem, but the beliefs behind the text is were the injustice occurs. That very .
             ?History? book is not teaching history but rather it is teaching the young of this country to .
             look past the truth and blindly believe in Columbus's voyage of discovery. A grand .
             injustice is occurring in schools a over this country. The grand injustice is non other than .
             the oppression of the facts that Viking explores discovered and were living in North .
             America some two-hundred years before Columbus's voyage. .
             Facts behind the Vikings presence in North America long before Columbus can not .
             be disputed. Archaeological record has turned up Viking goods and sites in Canada, which .
             are carbon-14 dated to the Viking Age, circa. 800- 1200. Other evidence comes from the .
             Icelandic Sagas which tell of the colonization of North America by one Leif Ericsson. .
             Under normal circumstances the afor mentioned facts would be more than enough to .
             constitute a complete change in history as we no it, however the issue it hand is by no .
             means normal. .
             What are the causes for the American culture's complete contempt toward the idea .
             of a relatively small piece of new history such as the Viking discovery of North America? .

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