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Development of Feudalism

            ~The development of Feudalism-Rome fell in A. 476 as a result of invasion by the Germanic tribes. Central gov't broke down and trade was disrupted. Cities were abandoned and population centers shifted to rural areas. Christianity remained a major unifying force throughout most of Western Europe. The lack of centralized gov't created the need for a new social order. Ties of personal loyalty and family bound Germanic peoples together. Common needs for economic self-sufficiency and local protection led to a new pattern based on land ownership. The manor became the main economic unit.Church leaders helped to integrate community life. The feudal system developed with a king at the top and mutual duties linking local lords, vassals, and peasants.
             ~The Church helped Clovis conquer other Germanic peoples in a way that he supported military actions. ~ Pope Gregory the Great helped spread the idea of a vast unified kingdom by including secular power/affairs. ~Charles Martel's victory at the Battle of Tours was important b/c he stopped Muslim invasions. ~Pepin the short strengthened the Frankish kingdom in a way that he fought the Lombards and he becomes king. ~Charlemagne's govern unified his kingdom in a way that he sent out agents and visited every part of the kingdom.
             ~All of the following resulted from the repeated invasions of the Germanic tribes that led to the fall of the Roman Empire EXCEPT D-the establishment of a common language. -Which of the following leaders bought Christianity to the Franks? A-Clovis. -A book of rules to be used for governing monastries was written by B-Benedict. -Which of the following people was chiefly responsible for increasing the Church's secular role during the middle Ages? B-Gregory I -All of these French leaders were part of the Carolingian Dynasty EXCEPT A-Clovis. -The Treaty of Verdun ended D-civil war in the empire established by Charlemagne.
             ~The mutual obligations of the feudal system were that the lord granted land in exchange for military protection and other services.

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