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Tears 11 and 12 should be compulasry

            NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME! This is an understandable concept that we experience daily and we must not ignore it in this debate. It is only natural that different people want to do different things and go about their life in a different ways. Not everyone wants to become a doctor or a lawyer, and not everyone wants to become a carpet layer or a hairdresser. If an individual has a dream of what they want to become, and staying at school won't help them achieve it, then what is the point in staying!? .
             Another factor that we need to consider is that not everyone has the intelligence, patience or motivation to be able to complete his or her VCE. Not every student can meet the goals that teachers expect. When being compared to brighter or more intelligent students, this can be very discouraging and can be the cause of depression. And the end consequence could possibly be not even wanting to start an apprenticeship or enrol in a VET course because they do not have the confidence or assurance in themselves to believe they can make something out of their life. Society needs to overcome the idea of everyone living the "idealistic" life. .
             In several scenarios, most commonly in household's that are suffering from poverty and is situated in the lower socio-economic environment, parents themselves often encourage youths to go and work rather than to continue their education. The dynamics behind such advice are simple to understand, though it is smeared and criticized by society. If a household is running on a minimum income, a 16-year-old son or daughter who can bring home some money, adds to the households spendable earnings significantly. If that child is not doing so well in school anyway, it makes sense for the concerned parent to advise him or her to take a job and help put the bread on the table. .
             In a current university examination, dropouts, around 18-years-old, were asked to tell about their lives before they decided to leave school.

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