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            Is violence the answers to all our problems?.
             From our discussion in calss, I learned a lot about poverty, why it exsisted, and why it still thrives today.
             Dating all the way back to the mid-1700s, there has been proof of much poverty exsisting in our world. Due to such major turning points as the Industrial Revolution, workers were being exploited by profit-hungry employers and public authorities who were not protecting the rights of the poor. Many events contributed to the poverty of the 19th century and loss of jobs. Some of these include the inventions of the spinning jenny, the water frame, and spinning mule. These particular inventions replaced handwoven textiles and workers in England. The invention of the steam engine and cotton gin also added to the large amount of jobs lost!.
             However, as time went on things did not seem to improve. In 1800 through 1825, the first "Factory Act" in England was issued which made trade unions legal in England. Then, in 1815, the Industrial Revolution SPREAD to other European countries following the French Revoultion and Napoleonic Wars. In 1880 (lasting until 1915) reached its high peak of European control of Africa, parts of Asia, and India, along with US involvement in Latin America. For these events resulted in a battle between workers and socialists in 1886.
             Then, in the 20th century, America began to face only the beginning of hardships, which would seem to never end. Due to military conflict, people around the world experienced some of the most devasting wars. Beginning with World War I its outcomes were only a lead into what would follow. Facing despression, the people would soon discover it was only the beginning with the start of World War II, which was the most devasting war in human history. Beginning in 1939 as a European conflict between Germany and an Anglo-French coalitoin, it widened to include most of the nations in the world.

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