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             sea and Baltic sea in the Netherlands and Poland, which is south of Denmark.
             Germany has about 82 million people for a population with a growth rate of 0.26%, .
             It is about 356910 square kilometers, so it is slightley smaller than the state Montana.
             The climate is usualy cool and cloudy with wet winters and wet summers, occasionaly.
             warm, tropical winds; humidity. The capital of Germany is Berlin. Berlin offers alot of.
             opportunities for recreation. Everyday you have many things to do in Berlin. For.
             example alot of people go shopping, or they go hiking roller blading, sporting, or.
             theres always the Aquarium, or the theatre. Allot of tourist go to Germany for.
             the beautiful scenery and wonderful sites! People expecially love the fine wine and beer.
             and the huge delightful castels all around.
             Germany consist of 16 states, "Lãnder".
             (capitals in parentheses): Baden-Wurttemberg (Stuttgart), Bavaria (Munich),.
             Brandenburg (Potsdam), Hesse (Wiesbaden), Lower Saxony (Hanover), .
             Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Schwerin), North Rhine-Westphalia .
             (Dusseldorf), Rhineland-Palatinate(Mainz), Saarland (Saarbrucken), Saxony .
             (Dresden), Saxony-Anhalt (Magdeburg), Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel) and Thuringia .
             (Erfurt). Berlin, and two city states, Bremen and Hamburg. Allot of things have changed.
             in Germany over the years due to the Napoleonic wars at the beginning of the 19th .
             century, the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, world war I and world war II. Germany .
             has nine neighbors, Denmark in the north, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and.
             France in the west, Switzerland and Austria in the south, and the Czech Republic as .
             well as Poland in the east. Germany is known as a sturdy stiff bridge to the countries .
             of centeral and Eastern Europe. .
             Germany has many extraordinary Geographical features. It has many .
             charming landscapes to come across. Germany is divided into five regions with different .
             topographical features: the North German Plain, the Central Upland Range, the terrace.

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