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             Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and affects many children.
             causes but one risk factor is high energy radiation.
             There is no exact cause for Leukemia. Some effects of this disease are lack of ability to .
             fight infections, swelling of lymph nodes, speen, liver, and kidneys, anemic, and blood not .
             clotting easily. The types of Leukemia are chronic lymphocytic, acute, lymphocytic, acute .
             myelogenous, and chronic myelogenous. When you have chronic lymphocytic leukemia if .
             develops slowly and worsens gradually. Acute lymphocytic is common in children ages two .
             through six and people over 65. Acute myelogenous is most common in adults.
             The symptoms of leukemia are weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite and weight, easy .
             bruising, no blood clotting, many infections, pale skin, fever, chills, tiny red spots under skin, .
             and pain in joints and bones. It is not a communicable disease so it can't be contracted through .
             any means of interaction.
             Treatment for leukemia includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone marrow .
             transplant. Also, a drug called Glivec can help in the most deadly stage of leukemia. Taking .
             folate and iron supplements during pregnancy may help protect babies from developing .
             leukemia later in childhood. Mothers who took the supplement showed more than a 60% .
             reduction in the risk of having a child develop acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
             Leukemia is a disease that can affect people and animals of all ages. The cause is .
             unknown and there are few risk factors. There are several types, some of which only attack .
             adults and some that attack younger children. Many symptoms are included with this disease.
             and there are no vaccines to prevent it. The most common treatment is chemotherapy, which .
             can cause you to lose all of your hair and can give you a quite sickening feeling. Even though.
             leukemia isn't very common, there still is a chance to get it, especially if you work in an area .
             that has radiation.

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