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ww1 AND 2

            Guns, tanks, and bombs were the principal weapons of World War II, but there were other, more subtle, forms of warfare as well. Words, posters, and films waged a constant battle for the hearts and minds of the American citizenry just as surely as military weapons engaged the enemy. Persuading the American public became a wartime industry, almost as important as the manufacturing of bullets and planes. The Government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to galvanize public support, and some of the nation's foremost intellectuals, artists, and filmmakers became warriors on that front.
             WW2 culture-The war affected culture and consumerism in many ways. There were many shortages and high prices for consumer items and housing. Cloth production was limited and a portion diverted to the war effort, leading to many changes in clothing styles (including smaller bathing suits). The use of yards of material for the zoot suit clearly contradicted this trend. Swing bands and the jitterbug dance were popularized by a multitude of films and magazines, along with songs and even cartoons referring to the zoot suit.
             TECHNOLOGY-There were many differences during World War I and World War II. In both wars.
             there were different artillery used. During World War I, trench warfare was.
             used. Trench Warfare is a ditch dug out of the ground to give troops protection.
             from enemy artillery and machine-gun fire. In the trenches, each side would fire.
             from the trench. In between the trenches, there was "no man land," which was an.
             area of land and was usually filled with land mines. The trenches protected the.
             soldiers but they carried many diseases and rats. In document four the author.
             describes the fighting that took place during World War I and the conditions of.
             the trenches, and the noises they heard. In World War II, there were new weapons.
             such as the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb could take out a whole city. The United.
             States dropped the atomic bomb in Japan in the city of Hiroshima.

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