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What to do if you ever get arrested

             If you ever get arrested do not struggle with the police. Be polite and avoid fighting or swearing even if you think they have made a mistake. Resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer are usually separate crimes that you can be charged with even if you haven't done anything else wrong. Give your name, address, and phone number to the police. Otherwise keep quiet until you have spoken to a lawyer. You may be searched, photographed, and fingerprinted. Notice carefully what is being done but don't resist. If any personal property is taken from you ask for a written receipt. After you get to the police station call a trusted friend or relative ASAP. Tell this person where you are, what you've been charged with and what your bail or bond is. .
             When you are arrested for a minor offense you may in some places, be released without having to put up any money. If you don't qualify for a citation release, you may have to put up some money before release. Always ask for a receipt for the money.
             When you"re arrested for a serious misdemeanor or felony you won't be released immediately. Ask a friend or relative you have called to get a lawyer for you. If you cannot afford a lawyer, a judge will appoint one when you are brought into court. Before you leave the police station, be sure to find out when you"re due in court. Never be late or miss a court appearance. If you don't show up in court for the assigned time, a warrant will be issued for your rearrested.
             If you follow all these steps if you get arrested then you have a pretty good chance of not getting any extra jail time.

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