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History of Lysandra

            Born of royal blood, in the Elven city of Hithlorien, Lysandra was raised.
             with the highest respects to the natural aspects of the realm. She spent.
             her youth riding on horseback through the plains just outside her woodland.
             home, dabbling in the lyrical arts, and being taught the ways of the kingdom.
             Much of her appreciation for the woodlands came from her travels into the.
             dark woods, where she would converse with and learn from the tree people,.
             the Ents. Lysandra begun training alongside Hithlorien's elite rangers, and .
             developed skills in both combat and stealth. She began to grow and care.
             for her long time mentor and friend, Haldir. He taught her a great many .
             things, and took her along on his travels. She remained content with her.
             life and new found love, until the day that Haldir was called into battle.
             A great war had arisen amidst the lands in which elves and humans banded.
             together to put an end to a terrible dark force. She long waited for his.
             return, though years passed with no word. .
             As time went by, she turned her mind towards other things, travelling with.
             her cousin and close companion, Adrerrarien, to distant lands in search of.
             reason and adventure. All the while hoping and praying to the gods for some.
             sign that her love remained amoung the plain of the living. Her travels were.
             greatly looked down upon by her father, for he was a stern believer in the.
             ways of his people, and it was long known that the elves of Hithlorien .
             seldom left their homelands. Many had believed that outsiders, especially.
             dwarves, cared little for the lands that bore them and were more easily .
             drawn to the tempations of the dark forces. Lysandra and Adrerrarien came.
             to see many things. life and death in full force, learning the outcomes of.
             the great war and seeing its effect upon the lands. They tended to dying .
             villages aided in their slow recoveries, until it was time for their return.
             Few elves returned from the long war, and those who had were tattered and .

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