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             In our society today a minor has a lot of things to deal with. One of the major things is when a minor get pregnant she faces a big decision to deal with whether or not to keep this unborn child. I am going to provide you with information and with this I hope that parental consent should be legally mandated before an abortion can be preformed on a minor.
             In most states, there will be a decision on whether or not teens have the right to obtain an abortion without involving their parents in the decision. In a study done teens where asked if they thought that parents should give parental consent on the abortion. Most teens would respond by saying whether or not their parents did give consent they would seek the abortion elsewhere. Know of the consequences that could occur from an illegal abortion or an abortion done by themselves. A lot of the people asked in this study said that it is really easy getting an abortion done illegally. .
             Especially living in the El Paso area they said all they would have to do is to across the border into Mexico to find a doctor that would do the procedure or find a pharmacy that sells drugs to have a miscarriage.1 One minor had told me that she was having an abortion due to her being to young she was only 15 years old and that she could not afford to keep the baby, and it would set all her priorities to the side.1 All the people asked in this survey said that their parents did not teach them or talk to them about safe sex. They said that if their parents would of played a role in their life about this situation that maybe this would not have to happen to them1. Even in close families, teens may be unwilling to disappoint their families and seek illegal abortion one teen said.
             Given that many families do not educate their children about responsible birth control and sexual behavior; given that good family communication should be encouraged but cannot be mandated by law; and given that parental notification laws are either unnecessary in cases when families communicated well, these laws place a undue burden on minors and are unjustified.

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