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Shared Reading vs. Guided Reading

             The purpose of Shared Reading (Tompkins, 2003) is to 1) involve the children in activities that they cannot do by themselves, 2) provide opportunities for children to succeed, and 3) provide practice for children before they are independently able to read. Some of the goals for Shared Reading (Tompkins, 2003) are 1) to demonstrate as the teacher how print works, 2) to provide opportunities for students to use the prediction strategy, 3) to increase children's confidence in their ability to read, 4) give examples and demonstrations of what fluent reading looks like, 5) make book(s) predictable, and 6) to use text to teach phonics concepts. Some goals for children during Shared Reading are 1) act as a reader and interpret familiar letters and conventions, 2) make connections between background knowledge and new information, 3) demonstrate awareness and use symbols and conventions as he or she constructs meaning from text read or viewed, 4) recognize and use prediction strategies to develop meaning in text, and 5) become an independent reader. .
             Guided Reading.
             The purpose of Guided Reading is to enable children to use and develop strategies "on the run." They are enjoying the story because they can understand it; it is accessible to them through their own strategies supported by the teacher's introduction. They focus primarily on constructing meaning while using problem-solving strategies to figure out words they do not know, deal with tricky sentence structure, and understand concepts or ideas they have not previously met in print. The idea is for children to take on novel texts,read them at once with a minimum of support, and read many of them again and again for independence and fluency. ("CIA", n.d.).
             The ultimate goal of Guided Reading is to help children learn how to use independent reading strategies successfully.

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