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Culture Norms

            Discussion of culture norms and how if affects a person's behavior an important topic. A culture as the enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, and traditions shared by a large group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next. Before this chapter, I didn't realize the variations across cultures. I also didn't consider the different norms of a culture. The norm being an understood rule for accepted and expected behavior and how a culture should respect another's differences. Without thinking about it, every aspect of our culture shapes its people.
             When considering nature vs. nurture, culture diversity is where the nurture comes in to play. Everyone has different experiences, which is determined largely by the differences of cultures. Different child rearing practices affect that culture's people. The reading pointed out that Asian cultures place more emphasis on school and hard work than does North American culture. It also said that this might help explain why Japanese and Taiwanese children get higher scores on mathematic achievement tests. Throughout high school and college I was always curious why it seemed that Asians did better on math test. The text helped shed a little bit of light on this question I have had.
             I have taken courses previously dealing with world cultures, but they really didn't go into depth how the culture and its norms affect people as early as birth. The in class lectures as well as the reading explained the human variations across cultures. They also explained how over time differing norms, or expectations, guide behavior. Cultures differ in their norms for such things as personal space, expressiveness, and pace of life. .

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