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Time Management

            Time management to me means to responsibly manage my time without any major complications. If one has every thing nicely organized then managing their time would be very easy for them, but if one is very messy and never keep track of when and why things are happening then there is no way for that individual to keep track of time and stay on a schedule. With that it would be very hard for any one to lead a life. If one wants to be successful in life then they have to manage their time and know when things are happening.
             Moving right along to my self and how I manage my time. I try to write things down so I don't forget to take care of them on time but unfortunately I forget to check the paper I wrote it on so that way I forget any way. There is different ways I make my self memorize things. There are many classes you can take to learn about time management, but they all basically teach you the same things. If you want to manage your time effectively here are some simple steps to achieve what you want, get a daily planner and record the times you need to do something, set your priorities, know what is important to you and what is not and rate what ever is important to you on a scale of one to ten. Know what to take care of first, make the decisions which will make your plans work out to the best way. If you have a desk at home make sure it is clean and you know where every thing is stored, develop a personal sense of time always know what time it is and what you need to be doing, Identify your long term goals and make sure u are doing every thing to achieve them, plan you essential priorities and carry them out, manage your paper work get binders and filling cabinets so you can file papers in the right subject, organize your office space and put things back after you are done using them, and manage you meetings, know what time your meetings are and if you are going to be late or can not make it make sure you let your superior know about it.

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