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one year later

            On the morning of September 11th, 2001 many people kissed their loved ones goodbye, without knowing that this would be that last time they would hear there loved ones sweet voices again. That morning something unimaginable happened as New York City, the Nation, and the world came to a screeching halt. The World Trade Center was struck by two American commuter jet air liner flown by people having relationship with the Taliban. The Taliban is an extremist group that until this past year governed Afghanistan, they are pro Gihad (a religious war) and they have declared Gihad against us the United States. It was said that these men took over these planes just a few minutes from taking off. These men slammed two of our planes full with our passengers into two of our building that held our workers. By noon of that day The World Trade Center were just two massive piles of rubble and burning metal. These people actually believed that they was going to diminish our goals and achievements, by taking down our financial compound and structure of the city and the nation. That's why one year later I believe it's time for the rebuilding of the world trade center and show these people what it means to be an American. I believe that we should reconstruct taller and stronger buildings. This will show the world that we fell but we can get back up; stronger to fight. Between the towers we should create a memorial plaza to recognize everyone that was lost and contributed on the day of September 11 from the victims to the steel workers that were cutting the mangled building trying to find survivors hours after the building gave way. I picture this plaza to have a huge fountain with a fire a canopy the water to symbolize tears of all the victims and there families and the tears of the world and then the fire to show love and devotion to ones nations and to all the victims.
             In reconstructing the towers we first have to find the true reason why the undestructable towers gave way.

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