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             There were two types of interdependence that had existed up to the year 1000. One type of interdependence was between two civilizations, another was between civilizations and barbarians. Both these types of interdependence included trade. Other benevolent types of interaction like sharing of technology and religious ideas also took place. In addition to positive components of interdependence there were also negative components like war and spread of disease. These factors of interdependence altered civilizations and barbarians alike. .
             In West Africa between the Senegal and Niger rivers, south of the Saharan dessert the kingdom of Ghana was prospering from a trade going through their land. This trade was the salt-gold trade between West Africans and African Muslims. West Africans needed salt to sustain themselves and African Muslims needed gold for their currency. Despite, being landlocked and near a dessert the kingdom of Ghana became a prosperous civilization due to its geographical location. The kingdom of Ghana was located between the salt deposits to the north and the gold mines of to the southwest. With this convenient geographical location, Ghana could tax the traders and amass enough gold to be the richest and most powerful kingdom in West Africa. The salt gold trade was important because it helped build a mighty African civilization that would not have arisen without the trade due to a lack of natural resources. In a more global sense, the arise of a great African civilization discredits any idea of racism or inferiority based on color that might have existed near the millennium and later years.
             Out of the steppes of central Asia came the Magyars; 10 tribes of nomads that reeked havoc in western and central Europe. And like many barbarians before them their social beliefs would be pacified and they would give in to civilization and Christianity.
             Centuries before the millennium Magyars were ruthless and skillful warriors who ransacked and looted through out Europe.

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